La toute première protection pour Ipad conçue spécifiquement pour les enfants

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Protect Your Tablet with a Specially Designed iPad Kids Cover!

iPads, for all their fantastic features, are quite delicate and fragile. The large screen is an easy target for scratches, and worse, smashes – which can be pretty inevitable when there’s a child about!
The portable nature of iPads is the very thing that leaves them vulnerable to damage, but with an iPad kids cover you can get rid of the worry that is inevitably felt when your child is playing on your expensive tablet.

Super Strong ad Durable iPad Kids Covers

co13351The kids iPad covers we have created are specifically designed to be child proof! Made from super strong yet lightweight EVA foam, this iPad kids cover is ultra shock resistant and will prevent the device from damage if it is dropped or knocked. By fitting over the edge of the iPad the screen is protected, even it is dropped face down. Plus, with each kids iPad cover you purchase you’ll get a free screen cover to provide additional protection against scratches!
To make drawing and writing on the iPad easier for younger children, each iPad kids cover includes a free kids stylus in the shape of a crayon which is easy to hold and allows your child to make full use of the large screen, without the risk of damaging it. Each iPad cover for kids features a large, easy to grab handle for easy carrying; it also doubles up as a stand which can be used for playing games and drawing.

Kids iPad Covers for the Original and Mini iPad

Here at Kids Cover we have a selection of iPad covers for kids in a range of bright colours so there’s something for everyone. Their robust and durable nature makes them ideal for use in schools and nurseries as well as the home, so don’t leave your iPad unprotected any longer! Get your iPad kids cover for the iPad Original or Mini and relieve the worry of it getting damaged.

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