La toute première protection pour Ipad conçue spécifiquement pour les enfants

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Protect Your Tablet with a Kids iPad Case

Kids nowadays have a way with technology that our generation could never have foreseen. Their intuition and ability to use technology like smartphones and tablets can come with a price though; many a parent and guardian have seen their precious iPad get damaged at the hands of a child – intentional or not!
A simple drop or knock can be all it takes to render your iPad from mint condition to shattered mess, and sadly it’s not hard for this to happen – especially when children are involved! Luckily, we at Kids Cover have the perfect solution. We manufacture strong and durable iPad covers that are designed especially for kids, so you can rest assured that your precious – and expensive! – device is perfectly safe.

Super Strong and Durable Kids iPad Cases

big-slider-2-300x150Our kids iPad covers are made from super strong EVA foam which is ultra shock resistant to protect your iPad when it is dropped. Extra tough and non toxic, this lightweight material is available in a variety of bright colours so your child can choose their favourite.
The kids iPad cover features an easy grip handle to make carrying the device easier, and it can be folded back to make a stand for ease of drawing and writing. The free Kids stylus which is included with every purchase of a kids iPad case makes drawing and writing on the HD screen even more fun! A free screen cover is also included to help protect the screen from scratches.

Kids iPad Covers for the iPad and iPad Mini

Our kids iPad covers are available for the original iPad and iPad Mini sizes so all devices are catered for. When it comes to protecting your iPad, you don’t want less than the best so make sure you choose Kids Cover for the highest standards of quality and protection!
If you would like any more information please don’t hesitate to contact us – and be sure to like us on Facebook to keep up with the latest updates from Kids Cover.

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