La toute première protection pour Ipad conçue spécifiquement pour les enfants

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Avoid Tears with the iPad Case for Children

If you’re the owner of an iPad there’s no doubt you’ll have a hard time keeping it out of your kid’s hands. While it’s not the issue of them playing with the iPad that surely bothers you, it’s more the fact that it could easily get damaged in the process!
As parents ourselves, Kids Cover has created the perfect solution to the worry that is inevitable when your child plays with your iPad. Our specifically designed iPad case for children is designed to protect the fragile iPad against kids’ carefree nature, with a strong, durable shell made from EVA foam.

EVA Foam is Strong, Flexible and Non Toxic

kidscover_-original_blue_7_This flexible yet sturdy material is used in many top brands of running trainers due to the fact it absorbs and distributes vibrations from any impact – meaning that if your iPad is dropped while encased in the Kids Cover, it will remain completely safe and unaffected. Available in several bright colours to suit boys and girls, our iPad case for children is an investment in the safety of your iPad and will definitely pay for itself!
With a large handle on the back of the cover for easier carrying, which also doubles up as a stand to make drawing, writing and playing games easier, the iPad case for children is designed to be easy to use while retaining full use of all the iPad’s features.

Get a Free Kids Stylus with the iPad Case for Children

When you order an iPad case for kids you’ll also receive a free kids stylus in the shape of a crayon, which will allow them to develop their drawing and writing skills on the large, clear screen. It also helps to prevent scratches and damage from other mediums that could be used as an alternative! Additionally, a pack of screen covers is also included to keep your screen safe from scratches, dirt and anything else that could affect its clarity.
With Kids Covers available for the original sized iPad and the iPad Mini, there really is something for everyone. If you’re not completely satisfied with your kids iPad case you can return it within two weeks and we will reimburse you.

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