La toute première protection pour Ipad conçue spécifiquement pour les enfants

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Achieve Peace of Mind with Protective iPad Covers

iPads are delicate and fragile at the best of times, but when they’re in the hands of a child they’re twice as much so! That’s why our protective iPad covers are ideal for use with children – in fact, they’re designed specifically for them!

iPad Cases Especially for Kids

kids-ipad-cover-300x174Our protective iPad cases are made with super strong EVA foam which easily absorbs any shock and vibration to prevent damage to the iPad inside. Surrounding the entire device with a protective lip over the screen provides you with complete peace of mind that your iPad is safe – even if it is dropped on the screen. With each protective iPad cover you order you’ll receive a free screen cover to ensure the screen remains protected and scratch free.
All buttons, cameras and ports are easily accessible through the protective iPad case so you can use it as normal. With the free kids stylus included with each protective iPad case, children will be able to touch type and practise writing and drawing with ease – and there’s no need to worry about the iPad or screen getting damaged! The large handle on the side of the case makes the iPad easy to carry for children and doubles up as a stand for reading, writing and playing. Kids Cover iPad covers for kids really are the perfect all round protective solution!

Protective iPad Covers for Schools

Our protective iPad covers for children are already being used in schools, nurseries and education establishments alike, making them the ideal solution for teachers that want to introduce the iPad into their lessons without the risk of damaging it. Available in several bright colours for the standard sized iPads and the iPad Mini, there really is a protective iPad case for everyone at Kids Cover!

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