La toute première protection pour Ipad conçue spécifiquement pour les enfants

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  • Confidently Give your Kids Access to your iPad Mini with Kids iPad Mini Covers

    Your child is never too young to start learning and studies suggest that the sooner you start to educate your children at home, the brighter they become. This does not mean long division must start in the toddler years but visual and auditory stimulation can help your child start to learn before they are even crawling. This is why iPads are proving to be popular amongst children; one study suggests that forty percent of kids have used an iPad before they can even speak. Because of this, we think ... Continue reading

  • Kids Cover Launches Range of Strong, Durable iPad and iPad Mini Covers

    Press Release: (London, 28/10/13) Kids Cover (, the UK market leader for protective covers for the iPad and iPad mini, has announced the launch of its new range of protective covers and accessories. This Complete Range of Covers in Bright Colours Will Appeal to Kids and Adults Alike The covers are specifically designed to be child proof. Made from super strong yet lightweight, non-toxic, EVA foam, the iPad case for children are ultra shock resistant and will prevent the iP ... Continue reading

  • Avoid Tears with the iPad Case for Children

    If you’re the owner of an iPad there’s no doubt you’ll have a hard time keeping it out of your kid’s hands. While it’s not the issue of them playing with the iPad that surely bothers you, it’s more the fact that it could easily get damaged in the process! As parents ourselves, Kids Cover has created the perfect solution to the worry that is inevitable when your child plays with your iPad. Our specifically designed iPad case for children is designed to protect the fragile iPad against ... Continue reading

  • Protect Your Tablet with a Specially Designed iPad Kids Cover!

    iPads, for all their fantastic features, are quite delicate and fragile. The large screen is an easy target for scratches, and worse, smashes – which can be pretty inevitable when there’s a child about! The portable nature of iPads is the very thing that leaves them vulnerable to damage, but with an iPad kids cover you can get rid of the worry that is inevitably felt when your child is playing on your expensive tablet. Super Strong ad Durable iPad Kids Covers The kids iPad covers we have cre ... Continue reading

  • iPad Covers for Children with Special Needs

    So you’ve splashed out on a brand new iPad for your child and bought a few apps and games that will help them to develop various skills. Next thing you know, they’ve happily run off with their new expensive piece of equipment, only for it to get dropped on the floor, covered in juice or hit with some other disaster that equals expense and hassle for you. Luckily there is a simple preventative measure that will stop the above scenario from occurring: iPad covers for children. With these stron ... Continue reading

  • Achieve Peace of Mind with Protective iPad Covers

    iPads are delicate and fragile at the best of times, but when they’re in the hands of a child they’re twice as much so! That’s why our protective iPad covers are ideal for use with children – in fact, they’re designed specifically for them! iPad Cases Especially for Kids Our protective iPad cases are made with super strong EVA foam which easily absorbs any shock and vibration to prevent damage to the iPad inside. Surrounding the entire device with a protective lip over the screen provi ... Continue reading

  • Protect Your Tablet with a Kids iPad Case

    Kids nowadays have a way with technology that our generation could never have foreseen. Their intuition and ability to use technology like smartphones and tablets can come with a price though; many a parent and guardian have seen their precious iPad get damaged at the hands of a child – intentional or not! A simple drop or knock can be all it takes to render your iPad from mint condition to shattered mess, and sadly it’s not hard for this to happen – especially when children are involved! ... Continue reading

  • iPads for Kids

    The success of the iPad seems unstoppable. With over 100 million units sold to date there is iPad or another form of Tablet in almost 50% of all families with children. In over 66% of these families the children are actively using the iPad to learn and play. In 2012 the iPad was the unofficially ‘Toy’ of the year and this is likely to be repeated in 2013/2014. ... Continue reading

  • Tablets in the Classroom

    Tablets are being increasingly used in Schools around the world as learning aids. There are plenty examples of ‘iPad Schools’ and the results are outstanding. iPad inspires creativity and hands-on learning with features you won’t find in any other educational tool — on a device that students really want to use. ... Continue reading

  • KidsCover: Ultimate protection for your iPad specially designed for children.

    Our children embracing modern technology is fantastic but this does create a problem, How to protect your expensive and fragile tablet as your kids may not be as careful as we would like. There is a large variety of cases and covers available which may protect against scratching and bumps but this is probably not sufficient to protect them against the robust use of our children. Parents and teachers do not have to worry any longer since the launch of KidsCover. iPad case specially designed and d ... Continue reading

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